Inside my crazy messed up mind
This page is pretty much alittle bit of everything. It's just a journal of everything I like, things that bug me, and some of my poetry. By the way follow me on facebook.
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im tired of tumblrplug

this site is 10000000 times better. i got 958 followers from it today (:

Charles Dickens 

If there where no bad people, there would be no good lawyers

One stupid quiz opened my eyes.

I took an online quiz that tells you what type of job you should have. Shockingly it said writer. All these years I have been writing and wanting to make it a career, and one stupid quiz made me realize maybe that is the path I was meant to go down. Though I have doubted myself all the years I have been writing, and have journals with unfinished pages because I never thought I was good enough. Now I am determined to push forward and try to get published.  

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